John Conrad

                                                        John Conrad

The birth of this formula was in Austria during the 18th century Saxon-Austrian empires. The Konrads were woodworkers. They built windmills, carriages, and furniture. To preserve all this wood from the invasion of mold, termites, and natural destruction, Conrads Oil was created and used. The natural soul and beauty of the wood was renewed.

John Conrad's father and grandfather immigrated to Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. in 1903 Americanizing their name to Conrad. They brought the formula with them. It has been passed on from family member to member for over 200 years until we (Jeff and Anna) recently purchased the Conrad's Wood Food Oil business from Kurt, John's son. 

Jeff grew up purchasing bottles with his dad from John Conrad. He remembers how his dad would tell everyone about this amazing oil.

It is an honor and privilege to be able to continue to make Conrad's Oil available to all of you. We look forward to continuing the tradition passed down through the centuries! 

Happy woodworking!

Jeff and Anna

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